• The Aged, Frail, Disabled
  • The homeless, the less fortunate
  • The Financially Disadvantaged

Supply counselling for: 

  • Victims of Domestic & Sexual


  • Grief, Loss and seperation
  • Financial.
  • Drug, Alcohol & Gambling addictions.

Other Services:

  • Referrals to other agencies as required
  • Distribution of food hampers.
  • Food rescue.
  • Emergency Relief where possible.
  • Feeding homeless on the streets.

A visit to our Bargain Centre is very safe and simple!

  • There are no prices. (unless we had to purchase items)
  • All goods are supplied by donation .
  • You make a reasonable donation and the goods are yours.
  • If you cannot afford to make a donation talk to our manager or volunteers, they can help.
  • We accept donations of goods in working order, (if it doesn't work put it out for clean up.)
  • We do NOT deliver, please make own arrangements for pick up.
  • Sorry we do NOT do refunds, goods are tested at point of sale.
  • Our aim is to help as many people as possible, your consideration of the above  will help to make this a pleasant experience.

The amount of donation,

Is what your conscience,

says you can afford!!!

Where Can You Find Us:

Administration & Support

The Banksia Family Centre

7 Sir Joseph Banks Drive,

Bateau Bay NSW 2261

P (02) 4333 1108

F (02) 4333 8423