• The Aged, Frail, Disabled
  • The homeless, the less fortunate
  • The Financially Disadvantaged

Supply counselling for: 

  • Victims of Domestic & Sexual


  • Grief, Loss and seperation
  • Financial.
  • Drug, Alcohol & Gambling addictions.

Other Services:

  • Referrals to other agencies as required
  • Distribution of food hampers.
  • Food rescue.
  • Emergency Relief where possible.
  • Feeding homeless on the streets.

A visit to our Bargain Centre is very safe and simple!

  • There are no prices. (unless we had to purchase items)
  • All goods are supplied by donation .
  • You make a reasonable donation and the goods are yours.
  • If you cannot afford to make a donation talk to our manager or volunteers, they can help.
  • We accept donations of goods in working order, (if it doesn't work put it out for clean up.)
  • We do NOT deliver, please make own arrangements for pick up.
  • Sorry we do NOT do refunds, goods are tested at point of sale.
  • Our aim is to help as many people as possible, your consideration of the above  will help to make this a pleasant experience.

The amount of donation,

Is what your conscience,

says you can afford!!!


The Distribution Centre offers various supports to other agencies in the community as well as individuals. We offer a wide range of items when available to the community which may include food, clothing, heating items, linen, electrical items or just a referral to another agency. We also assist when funds are available with emergency relief which may include utilities, assistance with rent, white goods and medical expenses. Most of the items are available to be used by others agencies when in stock, or referrals to outside sources where the items may be obtained with minimal cost.

This service relies on donations and funding. If you would like to donate please contact us.


R.A.F - Reconnect Aged & Frail

RAF is a program designed for the elderly population and the disabled in the community. We provide weekly transportation to various areas in the community such as shopping trips. Offers transport to medical appointments on a daily bases if required, support with medical expenses, food, clothing, equipment, bills, and white goods, to make life less stressful. RAF also provides support in several community areas with social outings or fortnightly functions such as morning teas, BBQ's or a catered lunch. However we may also take a client out to lunch with a couple of volunteers or a week away for one on one contact.


Where Can You Find Us:

Administration & Support

The Banksia Family Centre

7 Sir Joseph Banks Drive,

Bateau Bay NSW 2261

P (02) 4333 1108

F (02) 4333 8423